Thursday 20 June 2019
The Return of the King
Kenya’s lion population is on the rise, thanks to very close colla­boration with the local people. Mare joins Leiden biologists on a field trip to fit these creatures with collars and transmitters. “Oops... there goes my camera.”
Saturday 6 April 2019
Please don’t tell Alexa
Virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home will become more and more important to us, says Monica Lam of Stanford University. She is working on an open-source version that you can program in everyday language, one that treats both privacy and the free market more seriously.
Thursday 14 March 2019
A quarter of all employees have doubts about their jobs’ usefulness
A quarter of all employed people are not convinced that their jobs serve any meaningful purpose, according to economists from Leiden and Rotterdam.
Thursday 14 February 2019
Want to get rid of a snake? Use painkillers!
Paracetamol is extremely toxic to snakes. A Leiden PhD student found out why.
Thursday 31 January 2019
The Internet's hidden side is watching you
Why do the same adverts follow you online? Legal expert Robbert van Eijk investigated the spider's web of clicks.
Thursday 17 January 2019
Populistic religion at the mosque
Ömer Gürlesin was awarded his doctorate for his work on how the Turkish-Dutch community practises its Islamic religion, and he’s worried: “Salafist views are gaining ground.”
Thursday 15 November 2018
Deepfakes look more and more real
It started with Hollywood stars suddenly appearing in porno films, but now “deepfake” videos are impacting politics too. “It’s making people scared and uncertain.”
Thursday 1 February 2018
Are the herbivores right? (Spoiler: yeah)
Starting this year, the university canteens proudly sell vegan food, because it is supposedly the most sustainably-produced nutrition. But how do we know?