Wednesday 14 April 2021
How the lockdown pushes international students deeper into isolation. ‘I know one Dutch person: my teacher’
Dutch students might face psychological difficulties caused by the lockdown, but internationals are having an even harder time. The covid pandemic has made existing problems more visible. ‘I came here to discover the country and its people, but I haven’t met anyone.’
Tuesday 23 February 2021
Temporary labour at university is getting out of hand (but what can you do about it?)
University teachers rarely get a permanent contract. They are resisting, and do not rule out a strike. But who to strike against? 'The university board are also with their backs against the wall'.
Wednesday 17 February 2021
Never mind warm sweaters: university should break ties with destructive companies
If our university wants to be a place of science and ethics that enables scholars and students to seriously address the biggest problem of our time and future, then it needs to publicly take institutional responsibility, writes a group of Leiden scolars.
Thursday 26 November 2020
In Rwanda, this general learned that not all people are people
Cleveringa professor Roméo Dallaire (74) had to stand by as the people of Rwanda were slaughtered. ‘My mind broke’. Since then he has fought against the use of child soldiers.
Thursday 5 November 2020
Wake up! These are Instagram’s biggest conspiracy super-spreaders
Journalist Coen van de Ven was stunned when he saw that Instagram influencers weren’t just sharing yoga tips and spiritual catchphrases, but also conspiracy theories. ‘That used to be reserved for middle aged men in attic rooms.’
Tuesday 1 September 2020
How students suffer from distrust by the university
There is a very persistent climate of distrust toward students, writes Carla Maló Calmus. That constant suspicion is not only extremely demotivating but also shocking and unsettling.
Monday 31 August 2020
“We feel like ghosts”, writes one of the many ‘temps’ at Leiden University
Temporary members of staff are ignored by their executives and colleagues, writes a researcher and teacher on a temporary contract at a Leiden academic institute who wishes to remain anonymous. “We are frustrated and bitter. We are being denied our rights.”
Monday 8 June 2020
The university is slowly opening up
Today, the library started opening up again, and there will be exams on campus from next week on.
Tuesday 2 June 2020
Young researchers are worried about the consequences of the lockdown
Postdocs and other young university staff are worried that the coronavirus crisis will hurt their careers, a survey shows. “It’s time to give them some clarity.”
Monday 25 May 2020
Less pay for female professors than for men
At two faculties, female professors earned less money than their male colleauges with similar experience.
Wednesday 13 May 2020
The XCOM approach to research funding doesn't work very well in real life
Climate change, biodiversity, pandemics: in order to solve our society's problems, a lot of public money is spent on research. There is, however, tension between this type of financing and the realities of the academic shop floor.
Monday 11 May 2020
Online proctoring isn't just wrong – it's ineffective
A lot of people have privacy concerns about the supervision during online examinations, but the biggest problem is that it can’t even stop the simplest forms of fraud. It's just not worth the bother, prof. Egbert Koops of the Leiden Law School writes. The only solution is to take tests offline.