Thursday 26 March 2020
Available immediately: rooms (because many students are leaving)
Because of the corona virus, some students choose to go back to their parents or to their home country. The Housing Office, which is responsible for international students’ accommodation, caters to tenants who want to leave.
Friday 20 March 2020
Students impose quarantine on themselves
Many large student houses are making their own rules to combat corona. Remarkably, these rules are often stricter than the government’s guidelines and range from wiping door handles and wearing gloves on public transport to voluntary quarantine.
Friday 20 March 2020
The classroom, for now
Starting on Monday, all teaching at Leiden University will be online only. Time to test out the Kaltura Live Room software that will be the main platform. Mare turned on a webcam, and joined a test session.
Friday 20 March 2020
Why Russians are banned from playing chess on Antarctica (and other lessons about isolation)
How does isolation affect us? It is pertinent question now that more and more people are stuck at home because of the coronavirus. “You shouldn’t fight the loneliness; you should make friends with it.”
Thursday 19 March 2020
‘It’s better to be in China right now’
Now that the epidemic has spread to Europe, some Chinese exchange students want to go home.
Monday 16 March 2020
‘Shitty living’ on the edge of the city
Chris Bull (arts and media technology, 27) rents a room in Voorschoten, at the “‘t Hofflants Huys” in Voorschoten, and pays 675 euro for it.
Thursday 12 March 2020
Why fly if you can Skype?
Booking office Uniglobe’s figures reveal that Leiden academics are taking the train for business trips more often.
Thursday 5 March 2020
How the mob boss turned saint
To win the hearts of the people, the head of Mexican drugs cartel Los Cabelleros Templarios pretended to be a saint.
Thursday 20 February 2020
"Protesting is a fundamental right"
According to the PVV Party, activist movement Extinction Rebellion’s protest at Leiden’s Dies Natalis ceremony (Founding Day) is evidence of Dutch universities’ left-wing bias.
Thursday 20 February 2020
When in doubt, press this button
Research suggests that a “doubt button” could help prevent the spread of fake news on WhatsApp.
Thursday 13 February 2020
I’m stuck in Wuhan (and I have no idea when I can go back)
Master student Tanrui Li wants to come back to Leiden to finish his degree, but is stuck in the locked-down city of Wuhan.
Thursday 6 February 2020
The uncomfortable lessons Leiden University must learn to end the mental health crisis
The university has not taken the necessary steps to increase their mental health provisions, says Peter Banks. One available appointment for over 30,000 students is completely unacceptable.