Monday 8 June 2020
The university is slowly opening up
Today, the library started opening up again, and there will be exams on campus from next week on.
Tuesday 2 June 2020
Young researchers are worried about the consequences of the lockdown
Postdocs and other young university staff are worried that the coronavirus crisis will hurt their careers, a survey shows. “It’s time to give them some clarity.”
Monday 25 May 2020
Less pay for female professors than for men
At two faculties, female proffesors earned less money than their male colleauges with similar experience.
Wednesday 13 May 2020
The XCOM approach to research funding doesn't work very well in real life
Climate change, biodiversity, pandemics: in order to solve our society's problems, a lot of public money is spent on research. There is, however, tension between this type of financing and the realities of the academic shop floor.
Monday 11 May 2020
Online proctoring isn't just wrong – it's ineffective
A lot of people have privacy concerns about the supervision during online examinations, but the biggest problem is that it can’t even stop the simplest forms of fraud. It's just not worth the bother, prof. Egbert Koops of the Leiden Law School writes. The only solution is to take tests offline.
Thursday 7 May 2020
How will the university deal with social distancing?
What will life be like at university when the intelligent lockdown ends? Mare cautiously explores the library walking routes, lecture halls and canteens and discovers: there won’t be any in-class education for some time.
Tuesday 28 April 2020
Is this a relapse of ‘The West and the rest’?
Sensationalism and hyperbole sell faster and promote current myths of supremacy, writes Elena Burgos Martinez in a linguistic anthropologist’s reflection on anglophone coverage of COVID-19 in ‘Asia’.
Friday 24 April 2020
The most vulnerable researchers are hurt first
PhD students and postdocs watch their research plans crumble. Staff members in flexible positions are worried about the impact of the corona crisis. Some accuse the university of abusing the situation: “It leaves a bad taste in your mouth.”
Friday 17 April 2020
Back from Niger (after being stuck for a month and a half)
At the end of February Abdourahamane Idrissa Abdoulaye, political scientist at the African Studies Centre and university lecturer Islam in Sub-Sahara Africa, left for Niger to present his work. And then, he couldn’t come back.
Thursday 9 April 2020
How are we going to test (and do we let Big Brother watch)?
Now face-to-face exams are out of the question, universities try to come up with alternatives. One is online proctoring, using surveillance software to keep an eye on students at home. ‘It’s uncomfortable to have someone constantly looking at you’.
Monday 6 April 2020
Students and teacher agree: for now, online teaching is pretty awkward
How did those first days of digital classrooms work out in Leiden? Bad wifi, students that are accidentally “locked up”, screentime and sneaking away for coffee. “I'm going to try this one last time, and if it doesn't work, I quit doing this.”
Friday 3 April 2020
Echoes of SARS: this professor experienced the previous epidemic at close range too
This is the second lockdown for Professor of Chinese Language and Literature Maghiel van Crevel: he was in China during the 2003 SARS epidemic. “I hope this will teach us something about the destructive madness of capitalism.” (With a bonus track: a translation of one of the first corona poems specially for Mare).