Thursday 19 September 2019
Don’t fall for it! (We let ourselves be tricked like so many victims of the room shortage)
Many international students have been conned by fake landlords who offer places to let on Facebook. “I’ve lost half my savings.”
Thursday 5 September 2019
Angry academics: “Minister, resign!”
Monday’s opening of the academic year was marked by two events: as well as the official ceremony in the Pieterskerk, there was a protest demonstration on the square of Het Gerecht.
Thursday 5 September 2019
Forced to live in a ho(s)tel
Some international students are staying in hotels since they couldn't find a room in time. 'When I go home, I will probably tell other people not to study in Leiden.'
Tuesday 2 July 2019
Postdoc life… the dream is over, now reality sets in
Being a postdoc is exhausting, not because the research or teaching is more challenging than as a PhD, but because the uncertainty is so much greater, writes dr. Sasha Goldstein-Sabbah.
Thursday 13 June 2019
Internationals feel exploited
Rooms that are poorly cleaned, or not cleaned at all, broken furniture or, even worse, a spider infestation: international students are angry about their housing and fear that they are paying unfair amounts of rent. “Surely they must be making a profit?”
Thursday 6 June 2019
The university is still not really inclusive
A lack of protocols for staff with an impairment, buildings without wheelchair access and fire hazards for deaf people: “Staff with impairments are neglected.”
Thursday 23 May 2019
More money for natural sciences
The Van Rijn Commission’s recommendations for the Minister of Education include making university funding less dependent on student numbers and making more money available for technical and natural sciences programmes. Leiden University calls it “a potential disaster”.
Thursday 16 May 2019
"We only have time for Saïd and studying"
Fares Wahbi (34) and Nada Sisan (26) were both maths teachers in Syria. They’ve headed back to school so they can teach here too.
Thursday 9 May 2019
My academic freedom is under severe pressure (but politicians prefer to ignore the real threats)
Professor of Korean Studies Remco Breuker’s personal safety was discussed on the same day he attended a hearing in the House of Representatives due to concerns among politicians about his voting behaviour. “What’s the purpose of this meeting, I wonder.”
Wednesday 17 April 2019
I’m ashamed to be British
Last week, the Brexit deadline was pushed back to 31 October, leaving students and academics in suspense: if and when Britain leaves the EU, what will it mean for them?
Wednesday 17 April 2019
Suddenly translations are too expensive
Everything can be translated into English, including snacks in the canteen, says Bart Braun. Why is it so hard to get translations, just when internationals want a say?
Thursday 28 March 2019
Drones can't commit crimes
We need international treaties on armed drones and an authority to enforce those agreements, argues US Marine and Leiden PhD student James Welch.