Thursday 16 May 2019
"We only have time for Saïd and studying"
Fares Wahbi (34) and Nada Sisan (26) were both maths teachers in Syria. They’ve headed back to school so they can teach here too.
Thursday 9 May 2019
My academic freedom is under severe pressure (but politicians prefer to ignore the real threats)
Professor of Korean Studies Remco Breuker’s personal safety was discussed on the same day he attended a hearing in the House of Representatives due to concerns among politicians about his voting behaviour. “What’s the purpose of this meeting, I wonder.”
Wednesday 17 April 2019
I’m ashamed to be British
Last week, the Brexit deadline was pushed back to 31 October, leaving students and academics in suspense: if and when Britain leaves the EU, what will it mean for them?
Wednesday 17 April 2019
Suddenly translations are too expensive
Everything can be translated into English, including snacks in the canteen, says Bart Braun. Why is it so hard to get translations, just when internationals want a say?
Thursday 28 March 2019
Drones can't commit crimes
We need international treaties on armed drones and an authority to enforce those agreements, argues US Marine and Leiden PhD student James Welch.
Thursday 21 March 2019
Looted art: should we give it back?
Ethnic museums are checking their collections for looted art. But how should we return those objects? And to whom?
Thursday 21 February 2019
Hope among the ruins
In 2011, Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorship in Libya came to an end, but the country is damaged, and its people divided. Legal expert Suliman Ibrahim comes from the badly hit town of Benghazi but is based in Leiden and is helping to rebuild his country from here.
Friday 16 November 2018
They want to live forever, even as a robot or data set if that’s what it takes
It's not cool to die, transhumanists say. Irish author Mark O’Connell wrote a book about them.
Monday 12 November 2018
Stop the current language quagmire
The language policy at Leiden University denies international students the opportunity to represent themselves in the co-participation bodies, writes Viktor Blichfeldt.
Thursday 8 November 2018
We need to talk about racism
Racism is a regular and frequent feature of campus life in Leiden, writes a scholar who wishes to remain anonymous. ‘Ask yourself, how many visible minorities sit on senior academic board
Thursday 11 October 2018
What do drug cartels, IS and child soldiers have in common?
The brutality of violence transcends all cultural differences, claims anthropologist and war photo­grapher Teun Voeten, who was awarded his doctorate for his research into Mexican drug cartels today.
Thursday 12 April 2018
Trump's wall is one big joke
While researching his book The Politics of Borders, Matthew Longo visited the border between Mexico and the United States. In Nogales, smugglers dig so many tunnels, the guards fear the town will collapse.