Thursday 16 May 2019
Living with unemployed people, because "anything’s better than camping”
Leiden alderman Yvonne van Delft (GroenLinks) wants to allow people on social assistance to let rooms to students. Her plan has led to questions in the Municipal Council.
Thursday 4 April 2019
More English in the Council
The University Council want part of the Council’s papers to be translated into English. At the moment, none of the papers are available in anything but Dutch.
Thursday 14 February 2019
We'll be alright without him
Trump really isn’t a harbinger of the end of time, Indian-Canadian political scientist Amitav Acharya argues. American world order never existed and beyond the doom and gloom of the West, everyone has a much brighter outlook.
Monday 3 December 2018
Language struggles continue
In a letter to the Executive Board, the University Council has expressed its “displeasure” at how Rector Carel Stolker responded to a question posed in English by the Democratic Students Party The Hague (DSP).
Wednesday 21 November 2018
Be braver when dealing with China
European universities are not adequately aware of the risks of working with Chinese academies, experts warn. “It’s hard to say no to a barrow load of cash.”
Thursday 11 October 2018
Stefan pays 600 euro's to share a mobile home
Every day, German Psychology student Stefan Wizke cycles twenty kilometres from his bungalow just outside Noordwijkerhout to Leiden and twenty kilometres back again. Mare joined him this time. “I only accepted it because I had no choice.”
Tuesday 25 September 2018
They’re sleeping in cars, on strangers’ couches or in tents. And they’re being scammed
Mare spoke to the latest group of students with nowhere to stay. “Nothing unites people like being in deep shit together.”